Lady Gaga stole looks like Beyonce wig

Gaga fell in love with a nautical theme, styling added pirate hat and shells wig, she may please starred in “Pirates of the Caribbean” is good too.


Lady Gaga’s iconic bow plate made, ready-made butterfly wig should be made directly fixed knot on his head.


Although almost bare face makeup to show people, this red long curly hair wig Lady Gaga looks superb.


Of course, she also has a beautiful and elegant when this golden lob head should be her best year modeling.


Lady Gaga with a neutral platinum blonde wig with dark fake beard, and white eyeliner and mascara.


In AMAs ceremony, she played very similar to Marilyn Monroe.

sporty tail hair straight hair

Three seven oblique bangs, messy hair curl at the end, feminine so random showing came.

Oblique bangs with soft contours, plus air curls spiritual movement, the whole shape quite graceful and charming.

Liu Qi docile neat and sporty tail hair straight hair pear combination, the collision of the most fashionable girls modeling.

Curl very gentle, giving the feeling of gentle and quiet, with sweet mocha colored hair color, to bring intimacy approachable, very attractive lady hair Oh.

Chestnut red hair color, soft and gentle, too eyebrow Liu Qi is the secret of a face-lift by age, oh! The long hair wig is very appropriate for girls quiet temperament, enchanting charm.

Thin supple texture of hair wig, Liu Qi across the board plus gray streaked hair color like animation and game heroine as charming, definitely spike Otaku!

Ponytail wig to help you

Both sweet personality and a wig hairstyle, neat thick Qi Liu can easily cover the forehead, and long curly hair in favor of drawing faces, so that face both sides of the hair under the cover, showing little face texture.

The heaviness of bangs hair covering his forehead, highlighting God’s eyes, very pretty and charming, long curly hair is very non-mainstream youth very fashionable, feminine curves wig, full girls gentle temperament.

Long-haired girl in the summer abundance will always tie up a long ponytail. So fat content of not more girls want to have an abundance ponytail hairstyle, then how to do it? Popular ponytail wig hair pieces to help you!

long straight hair wig

This long straight hair wig, using natural generosity oblique bangs, hair line is very beautiful.

Carve big wave hair wig, with a soft orange pink hair color, personality reveals sexy.

Actress white wig styling inventory

Wallace starred in “White Haired Witch” is currently being aggressively theaters, the film Bride With White Hair styling is very glamorous. In fact, there are many white witch has been remade a number of times, and had a white wig styling actress.

In the “Bride With White Hair”, the Wallace with a white wig show, modeling amazing. Trace of white hair that is to steal the spotlight, adding cyan and magenta smoke makeup beauty pupil, even Yaoqi overflowing, but it is also a glamorous demon.

Fan Ye, film promotion period will be on both sides of a small bunch of hair twisting Zhaqi, soft little fresh, and the Multiple shapes contrast.

Hair wig by graphic

Choose and own ponytail hair color closest to supplement a small amount of hair short hair shortcomings very effective Oh, natural abundance wig ponytail style to fashion your hair immediately plump up!

The relatively low level tie ponytail wig, seems understated usual, but in fact it is intentional, oh, low ponytail to contrasting bangs braided hair, small hair with low ponytail wig, ladies temperament stand now!

Slightly thick long hair slightly curled ponytail, tied up very high spirit, coupled with sunglasses and small leather, very handsome personality!

The ponytail hair wig hair piece volume is small, it is very flexible, making horsetail even more agile vitality.

The long curl ponytail wig, mainly in the tail section, highlight the natural texture of fresh fashion range.

Fashion sweet long hair

A stylish ultra-foot long curly wig hair Korean temperament, with funky hair color, the trend appears to have temperament.

A Korean aesthetic sense of the full cone head hair wig, plus jianling with Liu Qi, a very prominent pure gentle temperament.

Stylish wine red fashion hair, with hair by age Qi Liu, is a Korean flavor of long curly hair wig.

Winter is the best season to wear a wig. Winter hair easily been blown chaos and easy from static electricity, wear a scarf and hat, then easily be pressed out of shape, wearing a wig warm and can please these troubles, really serve multiple purposes!

Today Tohair small as we gather several Korean long curly wig, and when Shangyou Fan for winter, come to see it now!

This wig with a natural black hair color, curl concentrated in the tail, very natural, inner fringe selection of classic Korean buckle, very pure and pleasant.

This is a stylish full wig, the choice of the last two years of gradual popular elements, fluffy Large very feminine.

Stars and fashion

Leonardo – DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), a famous Hollywood actor, an international star. The JACK Titanic deck, oval face either once, or pumpkin seeds now face, how many girls are dreaming MR. RIGHT. Leonardo worked with actress also had a high opinion of him, they think he charming, radiant, but kind-hearted. Full of violence, law of the jungle, social crisis, the expansion era of individualism, Leonardo represents a new generation of actors image: generous, happy to work with people, to the community some positive things. This is his fashion another interpretation.
– Tom Cruise, from 1986’s “Top Gun” began, he became the most box-office appeal of the actor, both inside and outside the screen, his superstar status, have not shaken, but he is blameless box office star. Since 1995 – Tom Cruise for 11 years, the annual Forbes Celebrity 100 Power List, is by far the largest number of Hollywood actors selected. Apart from the beginning to the end of the flower rotten marriage and endless wonderful quirks, just from the history and image point of view, the influence of fashion and prospects veteran guy or not to be underestimated.
Johnny – Depp

The reason why the fashion trend, of course, need some alternative, freak who embellishment, Johnny – Depp by virtue of his small group of bearded uncle charm and grotesque characters on the screen reached the tight encirclement, get the hearts and minds of countless fans. His numerous awards, Johnny – Depp (Johnny Depp) has been called “the most talented contemporary genius actor”, “God gave – Tim Burton’s gift”, with Hollywood’s coolest and most amazing a face, one of the world’s most beautiful coolest sexiest man, also known as one of Hollywood’s “four kings”, one of history’s most sexy actor. To date, ten in the prehistoric world of film at the box office, he has created four films starring him the list of miracle, and this is the only! Called Hollywood actor suction gold.

International superstar’s hairstyle

Want more aristocratic temperament, a fashionable clothes outside, the hair is also very important. Some popular ladies always particularly elegant, but elegance need to “collaboration from within.”
Nicky Hilton

The Hilton family’s two official married Miss it! Recently, Nicky Hilton and heir James Rothschild Bank in London, Kensington Palace, the wedding was held. Niki wearing Valentino dream big tail wedding married Mimi, the classic aristocratic plate made of hair is to bring out the delicate facial features Niki, it is a dream beautiful princess!

2000 Anne accidentally fell off his chair, the result will be “The Princess Diaries” directed a phase, and fame. From “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Becoming Jane – Austin,” “Get Smart” to “Rachel’s Wedding”, a few years Anne – Hathaway will become a wisdom, beauty and acting in a Hollywood on behalf of the actress. From the red carpet to the street shooting, Hathaway fresh and elegant fashion style popular fan favorite, fashion status to higher and higher.
Angelina – Jolie’s fashion appeal is not limited to the clothes a designer bag. Hollywood movie star and social activist, United Nations High Commission for Refugees special envoy, and even trigger a global focus on breast cancer, all add light and color to her fashion ICON identity. She almost always on the world’s sexiest woman in the top 10 list, and the Swedish magazine voted her “sexiest woman currently existing one.” She likes pragmatism, clothing styles and colors can be wild, simple and elegant style, is a microcosm of American style.